Court leaves boxer on the canvas for a six-year count

A FORMER Australian heavyweight amateur boxing champion has been jailed for six years after investing tens of thousands of dollars, much of which he failed to recover, in trafficking amphetamines interstate.

Sunshine Coast man John Easton Vaughan was involved in selling drugs in Mackay, Bundaberg, the Northern Territory and Western Australia between August, 2009, and August, 2010.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard yesterday how he became depressed and turned to drugs after he missed out on the 2000 Olympic Games.

THE court heard Vaughan had previous assault convictions which APN understands relates to headbutting a patron at a Mooloolaba nightspot and then chasing him down the street to punch him.

Vaughan was involved in a joint venture to buy half a pound of methamphetamines to supply to a dealer in Mackay who he met in Bundaberg and handed over the drugs on credit.

Though they tried intimidation and threats, they never got that money back.

Vaughan was also involved in supplying the drug to an associate in Darwin - cryo-vacing the methamphetamines and spraying the package with Glen 20 so a courier could fly with it strapped to his body.

Vaughan put in $10,000 for his share of the drug bulk purchase which was supposed to sell for $800 a gram but he was never paid.

He and his business colleagues were owed $40,000 to $60,000 and failed each time they flew to the Northern Territory attempting to recover the money.

Police arrested Vaughan with 95g of methamphetamines and $24,550 during a raid in Western Australia in 2010. He told police the money was from the sale of a Harley Davidson motorcycle which he still owned.

Vaughan could buy an ounce of methamphetamines for between $8000 and $10,000 and sell it at $1000 a gram in WA. Airline records showed he travelled to Port Hedland five times in 2010.

Defence barrister Simon Lewis said his client did get back on track in WA, supervising 20 workers in a good job, but got home sick and returned to the Coast.

Vaughan, who has served more than seven months behind bars, will be eligible for parole in March, 2014.

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