BOWLS IS BACK: The Cherry St Sandflies showed good form on the green last Sunday, including (L-R) Patrick Kearney, Uncle fester, Rob Sands and Slim.
BOWLS IS BACK: The Cherry St Sandflies showed good form on the green last Sunday, including (L-R) Patrick Kearney, Uncle fester, Rob Sands and Slim.

Bowls results keep on rolling in

KEEN lawn bowlers have resumed competition at clubs all over the Northern Rivers over the past few days.

While the pandemic has seen many bowlers take a break, for others it’s been an opportunity to refine their skills so they were ready for the resumed competition.


Brunswick Heads Women’s Bowling Club AGM will beheld at 9am on August 4, 2020 and will be followed immediately by a General Meeting.

Please note nominations are now open for Executive Committee positions.

Nominations close 21/7/2020.


Great to be out on the green again. Wednesday 1st July winners on the highest aggregate were C Haynes & R Skirrey d N Mayne S Birrell & I Watson drew with H Lavelle & J Dwyer: J Newell & A James d P Brown & A McLean: N Moran C Doyle & N Hawkes d (G Connolly & J Mason shared lead) J Mathews & P Lyon.

Friday 3rd July J Mason N Moran D Skinner &A James d P Brown S Birrell C Haynes & N Hawkes.

We play Wednesday & Friday names in by 9:15 play 9:30. New members always welcome.


The Sandflies played their first game back on the top greens of Ballina’s premier club, Cherry Street Sports. After what seemed like this day would never happen the boys played like they haven’t missed a game and its been near 4 months of no bowls due to the lockdown. One of the regulations are that you have to be fitted while having a drink so getting used to having a beer out side sitting down was an effort however plenty of reminders helped save the day and I for one must admit to really getting caught out and as much as I would love to name and shame I cant fault anyone one at all so well done lads. Plans are afoot to bring back our usual games with Alby’s Football and Hotdog Day on the 2nd of August which is a yearly event where all the Sandflies wear the club colours of their favourite footie club and hotdogs after the game. Also Uncle Festers 3 bowl Pairs which was to have been played on the long weekend in July but should be on shortly and will let you know that date after the committee meeting next Sunday morning. The popular ‘$2.00 Schooner Day’ will happen on any Sunday and might even be next Sunday for all I know but it happens when the Preso John Harley wants to reward the loyal Sandflies for their attendance every Sunday morning. The Sandflies are also holding their AGM on the 16th of August which was delayed also. Winners on Sunday were Paul Buckingham, Allan Britt and Graeme Gaunson getting up on the day against Chris Hendry, Keith Spearing and Peter Tootell 20 to 16. Runners up were Alfredo Garcia, Steve Russell and former South Sydney great Col Pittman getting beat in a typical South Sydney Footie score of 26 to 9 by John Dennis, Roger the Yank and Stewie Weller. Great to be back on the greens many thanks to Duncan and side kick Maude for having the greens running like a dream and well done the Management and staff at Cherry Street Sports for a job well done in getting things back to ’normal’. Till next week take care fellas.

Good news at last with the Cherry Street Sandflies getting back on the greens on Sunday morning the 5th of July.

It’s still only 20 per green plus all the current restrictions however it's a start and we are keen as mustard that’s for sure.

Game starts at 0930 with a small chat about the restrictions before the game so we are all aware of what’s happening.

It will be the first organised game at Cherry Street Sports since the bug hit the fan so no doubt most will have a story or two to tell.

If we do this right restriction may ease a bit in the coming weeks but best to start off on the right foot and get into the habit of the new format.

Looking forward to seeing the boys again and hope the weather is kind for this new fresh start.


Wednesday 1st July Ladies Social: Opperman, G. Martin (winners) 21 d V. Munster, J. Fogarty 7; B. Knott, K. Innes 19 d C. Pyknott, S. Pollitt 17; J. Stewart, S. Nicol 22 d P. Gray, J. Church 12; A. Dunger/ J. Brook, B. Sullivan 20 d M. Hanaway, A. Hewitt 15; K. Hair, L. Schweitzer 16 d K. Hair, J. Dryer 10; W. Ross, J. Burgess 27 d C. Howell, J. Hollingsworth 8. Saturday 4 Open Pairs: R. Reid, G. Bowen (winners) 33 d Tony Collier, R. Pollock 15; C. Howell, D. Howell 18 d K. Hamill, J. Hamill 16; P. Donoghue, H. Donoughue 20 d G. Ironfield, L. Martin 16; I. Carruth, G. Lightfoot 21 d J. Hollingsworth, S. Pollitt 20; L. Opperman, R. McKinnon 21 d J. Dreyer, B. Knott 15; W. Hampson, S. Prasad 19 d K. Frampton, C. Skennar 17.


Tuesday 30/6/20 Joan Rose, S Roberts 22 def R Partridge B Turner,--J Fowler, G Couch 14 def L Taylor, R walker 9– M Rose, E Bullman, I Osbourne 16 def M Rose, J Quinlin, D Pearce 5---K Savins, M Moss24 def Jane Rose, S Savins 13– L Church, R Springall 24 def K Hoffman, G Rose 14.

Friday 3/7/20 – J Rose, N Nugent, S Savins 19 def G Rose, R Springall, A Wilson 16– J Ackers, R Hoskin 20 def E Bullman, B Hutchinson 9– R Walker, R Moss 25 def G Vanderwall 19– L Bryant, G Moss, R Partridge 26 def J Davis, L Kennedy, K Savins 14

Saturday 4/7/20 Minor Singles – L Church 31 def I Osbourne 17– G Cox 31 def K Hoffman 9– J Jacobson 31 def J Fowler 26–

Social – G Vanderwall, D Pearce 22 def J Rose, J Piper 21. N Mcdonald, R Partridge, S Smart 30 def N McDonald, M Rose, R Hoskin 19– R Moss, W Davis 24 def J Davis, G Rose 23– L Kennedy, D Morrow, G Mosss 18 def R Walker, Greg Rose, B Turner 16


Wednesday Winners M.Catling, G.Coughlin. Runners Up J. Miller, M.Harris. Saturday Winners John Houghton, I.Martin. Runners Up N.Wilson, D.Hellyar.

Grade Singles draw for the 12th of July or before. D . Hellyar Bye. T. Turcato vs. I.Martin. G.Coughlin Bye. M. Wawn Bye. G . McPherson Bye. G. Clifford vs G.Currie. T. Canini Bye. G . McMahon Bye. R.Matthews Bye. M. Harris vs B.McKendrey. K. McInerney Bye. S . Clarke Bye. B. Fredericks Bye. S.Brecard vs. E. Bostic. J. Wisemantel Bye. S.Stefanaras Bye. Markers needed please put your name against the game you can mark. A Grade Pairs sheet on the board. Need men in the room for the rest of the year please.

Wednesday Winners M Wawn, S . Clarke. Runners Up M.Holden, T. McFadden. Saturday Winners G. McMahon, G.Coughlin. A Grade Singles sheet on the board closing 5th July with first round on or before 12th. Markers needed please. A Grade Pairs sheet on the board closing to be advised when the Singles get under way. A sheet is on the board for availability for the room for the rest of the year. Just a reminder that your membership fees are due and payable now.

Send in your club’s bowls results and a photo to by 4pm Monday for publication on Tuesday.

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