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Glenda continues family tradition with Bangalow Show Society

MUCH to her surprise, Glenda McKenzie's association with the Bangalow Show started well before she was born.

Now after more than 50 years as a Show Society steward, Mrs McKenzie will be awarded a life membership as part of the opening ceremony on Saturday.

"I don't know the exact year I joined the Show Society, but I can't remember a time when I wasn't involved in it," the 71-year-old Bangalow resident said.

"My father had a trucking business and his truck was hired by a lot of the farmers to take their cattle to the show.

"Because my mum died when I was really young, I was too little to stay at home so he took me along with him in the truck with the cattle, which was a bit exciting when you're only 10 years old.

"That was my first experience coming to the Bangalow Show."

During her time, Mrs McKenzie oversaw a range of categories as a steward, however her main passion has always been poultry, in and out of the show.

"I've always been involved in the poultry because my husband and I are poultry people; we show and breed poultry," she said.

For Mrs McKenzie, the Bangalow Show Society has always been a family affair - her husband, Hector, gained life membership more than 10 years ago.

What's more, over the past two years Mrs McKenzie has been undertaking a research project exploring the history of the Bangalow Show, during which she discovered her roots ran deeper than first thought.

"It was only when I was researching the history I discovered my great grandfather was appointed to the committee in 1901," she said.

Another gem Mrs McKenzie uncovered is the fact so little has changed over a century of the show.

"As far as the show ring goes, the cattle are still the same, the trots and the horses are the same," she said.

"In the pavilion the only thing I can say is maybe you don't have the ironing shirt category (any more) but nothing has changed a lot considering it has been 115 years.

"I would hate to see it change."

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