Blindside by GJ Moffat.
Blindside by GJ Moffat.

Book review: Blindside



Publisher: Hachette Aust

RRP: $32.99

I LOVE a good action thriller.

The fact I list my favourite authors as the late Robert Ludlum and Eric Van Lustbader (the author approved to continue writing the Jason Bourne novels by the Ludlum estate) is proof of that.

So it was with great interest that I picked up Blindside.

Reading the back cover blurb it had all the elements I enjoy in a novel.

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Determined government agent or former spy/special forces operator - check.

Multiple plot lines which will be later woven together by a common thread - check.

Government cover up and liberal doses of action - check and check.

To say Blindside is a slow-burning book would be an understatement.

As the two plot-lines unfolded I admit I spent most of my time "day-dreaming" a little, trying to figure out how they would connect and relate.

First you have the death of a man in an airplane crash in the United States - but apparently that man was never listed as a passenger. On the request of the dead man's wife, ex-Secret Service agent Alex Cahill and a long-time friend of the deceased investigates the issue.

Over in Scotland (Cahill's new home where he runs a private security firm) a string of drug-related deaths are being investigated by the police.

As I said earlier I was slightly distracted trying to figure out the "common thread".

But I know there are plenty of readers out there who love piecing the puzzle together and developing their own ideas before the plot twist breaks.

If you're one of those readers you'll love this book.

The author does a great job of convincing you one thing is going to happen before revealing a simply but very effective plot twist in the final chapters.

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