Leopard Shark.
Leopard Shark. Anita Ong

IN DEEP: Unique experience diving at Byron Bay

THERE are not too many places in the world where a dive boat skipper has to sound a very loud horn to warn surfers to stay clear.

This is what happens every time a dive boat is launched from the beach at Byron Bay. It can happen up to eight times a day.

There is no boat harbour at Byron Bay so dive boats and surfers have to be vigilant of each other's whereabouts at a very popular beach.

Byron Bay attracts divers from around the world. A marine reserve is around Julian Rocks, just a mile or so off the beach. The undersea life is prolific within the reserve.

The mixing of tropical warm currents with cooler temperature waters makes diving at Byron unique. Three species of turtles, large wobbegong sharks, and big schools of pelagic fish can all be seen on almost every dive.

Manta rays and leopard sharks move in between January and April each year.

The endangered grey nurse sharks are also seen between May and November.

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