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Birthday woman punched in face in senseless attack

THERE'S been another another display of senseless violence in the north coast's most popular tourist town.

On Friday night a man who punched a women in the face when she was on her way to celebrate her birthday with her husband and friends has been bail-refused.

He and another man were charged after witnesses called police to an unprovoked assault in Byron Bay.

Inga Schollbach took to Facebook to reveal she was attacked while walking down Jonson St, Byron Bay, with her girlfriend and partner on heir way to have dinner to celebrate her birthday.

"Walking from dinner down Jonson St we passed a couple of blokes at the park near the Rails,” she said.

"One of them stood up in my partners face and accused him of spitting at them.”

Mc Schollbach said when he partner politely replied saying "mate no one spat at you, we are just on our way to have a drink”, the man became aggressive.

"The man and his mate started following the three of us swearing and carrying on., (then) one of them then hit my partner on the head from behind,” she said.

"(When) myself and my girlfriend started yelling at him to stop, he then turned to me, held my face by my jaw and punched me straight in my face and mouth.”

Ms Schollbach said the attackers then turned on her partner.

"They went back to my partner and pushed him onto the road with one hitting and one kicking, there were witness who saw the entire event (and) the police were there in minutes,” she said.

" They were very professional, were very kind (and) we were glad they turned up.”

Richmond LAC Inspector Matthew Kehoe said both assailants appeared before the bail court on Saturday morning.

"One man was bail refused and the other was granted strict conditional bail,” he said.

He said both men will be called to appear at Byron Bay court in the near future.

Meanwhile, Ms Schollbach said she is devastated by the incident.

"All three of us are locals, have lived here a long time, have children growing up in the Shire (and) we own businesses,” she said.

"This has never happened before, I have never been hit before, this was unprovoked, let's stop this senseless violence.”

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