Bike sales scooting along

A LOVE affair with all things Italian, and the classic styling of the Vespa, is what inspired Jackie Knaus to jump on her first scooter.

The Suffolk Park resident had talked about getting a bike for years, so when her husband bought her one for her birthday last year, it was a dream come true.

“I love bike riding and being outside and with the traffic at this time of year it's really handy.”

Ms Knaus said the tiny running cost was a big bonus.

“It costs me $6 to fill up and I get 100 kilometres per tank,” she said.

Ms Knaus is one of a growing number of women choosing to ride scooters.

Australia-wide scooter sales grew by 14.5 per cent last year, and according to Ballina motorcycle and scooter dealer Ken Duplock, it's women doing the buying.

Mr Duplock, who owns Seaside Moto Cycles in Ballina, said he had seen a rapid growth in scooter sales to women in the past six months.

He said young women usually bought scooters to get to and from work, while 'more mature ladies' wanted them for trips around town and to pick up the shopping.

Mr Duplock said scooters offered plenty of storage space and were easy to ride as they had no gear lever or clutch.

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