Polluters not thinking of our health

THE argument that whatever we do in Australia will achieve nothing on the world stage in my opinion is a selfish one, an immature cop-out.

It is quite obvious the big polluters are controlling our main political parties policies on climate change, citing loss of jobs and a damaged economy as a reason not to act.

It’s really their wealth and not our health they are worried about. History proves this.

I personally feel that all political donations must be outlawed and all political party funding be provided through government grants properly administered through the legal system.

An introduction of an emissions trading scheme that gives heavy exemptions to the oil and coal industries defeats the whole purpose of the exercise.

Scientific evidence has confirmed that we need to reduce our CO² levels to at least 350 parts per million (PPM) to at least have a chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change.

This will never happen while the powers in charge are aiming for only 450 to 650 PPM.

Aiming for at least a reduction to 300 PPM would make more sense. Contrary to what we are led to believe we do have the technologies available to produce base load electrical power free from any CO² emissions.

So why are we not employing them? How absurd is it to spend billions of dollars on infrastructure to accommodate an increase in coal exports when in reality we must reduce the world’s coal use.

This is wasteful spending better spent on emerging CO² free technologies that will probably create at least twice as many jobs.

There are proven undersea wave technologies begging for funds to build commercial scale power stations.

A by-product of one of these is the production of fresh water from sea water.

Why is the Federal Government not speeding up the process by injecting the much-needed funds? It makes you wonder.

Geothermal is another under-funded technology. If we were at war there would be no hesitation whatsoever to get these up and running to fulfil our needs.

Well, guess what? We are! We have the knowledge, the ability and the means to create enough pollution-free power.

All we lack is the political will.

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