Bins herald ‘recycling revolution’

Max Fleet

RICHMOND Valley Council has joined the recycling revolution.

Richmond Valley Council environmental health and regulatory control manager Peter Cotterill said the council had delivered 7000 yellow-lidded recycling bins to residents over the past two weeks, with the first collection service beginning in the Casino area yesterday.

Mr Cotterill said they were already impressed with the ratepayer response to the service.

“We thought we’d have a seven to eight per cent participation rate, but today we had a 95 per cent participation rate,” he said.

The recycling system was introduced after interest from residents and councillors and to meet the requirements of the NSW waste levy system.

However, large costs associated with the program meant it was held back until now.

“Buying and distributing the garbage bins cost $400, 000, and the new recycling truck cost $350, 000,” Mr Cotterill said.

“To introduce the whole program it cost almost $1 million, which is a big cost, especially for a council this size.”

To combat costs, Mr Cotterill said the council worked closely with the Lismore City Council, Kyogle Council and other councils part of the North East Waste Forum to share facilities and resources.

“It’s a good process for us too, and we’ve all shared resources with other councils,” he said.

Mr Cotterill said recycled waste would be trucked to Lismore recycling facilities for processing.

“The amount we collect is not a huge difference to them, and we fit into their existing facilities,” he said.

Recycling truck operator Phil Gywnne said he had ‘good feedback from Lismore about the first load’, apart from issues with plastic bags, cling wrap and green waste incorrectly placed in recycling bins.

The launch of the program will be held today at Casino Christian School from 9.15am.

For more information about what you can and can’t put in your new bin, collection days and general enquiries about the service call the Richmond Valley Council Waste Hotline on 6660 0350.

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