New rules: Giving way to pedestrians.
New rules: Giving way to pedestrians.

Beware of new fines for drivers

NEW South Wales motorists will face changes to road rules from tomorrow, with the Roads and Maritime Services updating NSW regulations and penalties to conform more closely with the current national road rules.

Features of the latest changes include tougher enforcements on mobile phone usage and incorrectly traversing roundabouts, plus clarifications on overtaking trucks and turning across continuous lines.

Use of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones may only be used if they are secured to a fixed mounting. Drivers cannot hold a phone in their hand unless passing it to a passenger, while learners and provisional P1 drivers are not allowed to touch a phone at all. Penalty: three demerit points and a $298 fine.

Turning and U-turning across continuous lines:

Drivers can cross single, a single/broken combination, or double continuous lines to enter or leave a road (turn right across the lines), but never to do a u-turn. Penalty for u-turning across continuous lines: Three demerit points and $298, $66 for cyclists.

Giving Way to Pedestrians

Drivers must give way to any pedestrians crossing the road the driver is turning into, even if there is no pedestrian crossing. Penalty: As above.

Carrying Animals on a Motor Bike

No animals are allowed on a motorbike between a rider and the handlebars or "in any other position that would interfere with the rider's ability to control the motor bike". Penalty: Three demerit points and $397.

Roundabout Signalling

Drivers must indicate their intention to turn well in advance of a roundabout. If going straight, drivers must indicate a left turn just before exiting. Penalty: Two demerit points and $165.

















Overtaking trucks on the left:

Drivers may overtake a truck on the left if the truck is signalling to turn right, stationary or on a multi-lane road.

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