Cade Mooney

Bendigo Bank barbecue info session

GOONELLABAH might be getting a Bendigo Community Bank in the near furture, and there is going to be a barbecue information session on Saturday to try and get community pledges on board.

Bendigo Community Banks, which aim to give up to 80% of their banked profits back to the community in various forms, are $250, 000 in pledges away from their goal of $700 000, and need more Goonellabah residents to pledge money so they can open a branch there.

The event on Saturday will be held at Goonellabah from 10am to 2pm at the Meridian Health carpark on Rous Road, and according to the Senior Community Strengthening Manager, Peter Dirkx, will provide useful information to the community.

"It will help people get a better understanding of the model so they can make an informed decision," he said.

The kinds of people that Mr Dirkx hopes will pledge are members of the community, not large business owners.

"We're looking for mums and dads, small business people, those sorts of people to buy shares," he said.

The bank, if opened, is expected to provide consistent advantages to the community.

"It might be building a community transport network, it might be building a community hall, it could be something as small as providing equipment for the local sports team," Mr Dirkx said.

There are over 300 branches of Bendigo Community Banks across Australia.

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