Being in tune with the moon

THIS Sunday is the perfect day to clean your windows or wash your hair.

Why? Because the moon is waning in Aquarius. Of course.

It sounds far-fetched, but Mullumbimby author and astrologer Iris Detenhoff says timing household tasks and health routines to match with phases of the moon results in less effort, less cost and a smaller environmental footprint.

Her book and website, The Moontime Diary, which she has published since 2007, suggests the perfect days to embark on everything from plaque removal to treating warts to mowing the lawn or mopping the floor.

Among her claims: stains dissolve more easily and less laundry detergent is required when the moon is waning in Cancer; hair regrows stronger if cut when the moon is waning in Leo; and cakes turn out well when the moon is waxing in Gemini.

Ms Detenhoff, who is also a trained nurse, says it is all about living “in tune with the moon”.

“We know that fishermen always go out with the tide instead of struggling against it.

"You can choose the right moment to achieve better results with less effort.”

She says farmers have been following the cycles of the moon for centuries, and the principles of her book are no different.

The first two weeks of the moon cycle is when cells absorb and retain moisture, making it a good time to nourish your body and avoid toxins.

This culminates at the full moon, she says, when cells are full and things get tense – making it a bad time for operations.

As the moon wanes, cells release moisture, making it a good time to cleanse and detoxify your home and body.

“It's quite logical. It's nothing mystical,” Ms Detenhoff said.

But North Coast astronomer Dave Reneke is sceptical of anything that links human behaviour with the moon.

“There's definitely no scientific evidence of the moon influencing human activity,” he said.

Violent incidents did spike around a full moon, but this had more to do with more people being around and staying out longer because of the extra light, he said.

The 2012 Moontime Diary will be available in local bookshops from September.

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