Beckham's documentary idea 'was laughed at by TV bosses'

DAVID Beckham was laughed at by TV bosses when he suggested making a documentary.
The 40-year-old retired soccer star recently filmed a programme for the BBC in which he played seven games on seven continents on behalf of the children's charity Unicef, but Beckham has revealed how hard it was to get the concept off the ground.

Of the moment he pitched the idea of playing soccer in the Antarctic, he told the BBC: "People sat down with us and actually laughed at the things we wanted to achieve. And to be honest, rightly so!"

David - whose journey also saw him travel to places such as Nepal and Buenos Aires, Argentina - said the TV show allowed him to combine his passions of travel and soccer.

He shared: "I love to dive in to different cultures and see different things and see places I've never been to before.

"The first three places [we visited] are Unicef centres that we help support and fund. That was personally important to me. The other places, it was about showcasing how the power of the game affects families in life."

David has been a Unicef UK ambassador since 2005, and earlier this year, he launched 7: The David Beckham Unicef Fund, which helps to protect children in danger around the world.

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