STAND up paddle boarder Beau Nixon is the Tweed's greatest athlete still competing, according to a Daily News readers' poll.

The Stand Up (SUP) World Tour competitor was a clear favourite with 32% of the vote.

"I'm just blown away," Nixon said.

"I didn't even know I was in the running."

Nixon is the highest-ranked Australian on the tour after finishing fifth at the Sunset Beach Pro in Hawaii last month to open the 2013 season.

There were a few surprises in the list of the Tweed's best athletes.

Visitors to our website, My Daily News, cast their votes to find our top five sportsmen out of a shortlist of 10.

Surfers Joel Parkinson, Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore were easy inclusions as current or former world champions on their respective professional tours.

Others such as Kelvin Kerkow, Lara Davenport and Matthew Butturini represented Australia on the world stage.

Ryan James, Sam Gilbert and David Hale all play for teams in premier leagues.

Finally Nixon was one of the leading pro tour competitors of stand-up paddle (SUP) boarding.

SUP was one of the fastest growing sports in the Tweed and that was reflected in the results.

The biggest surprise was Parkinson and Fanning who both missed out on the top five.

Both surfers have been in the public eye for most of the year, with Parkinson claiming the world title and Fanning finishing the season in the top three.

There were some notable sports people who missed out on a nomination.

Readers told us that triathlete Paul Matthews and world champion paratriathlete Bill Chaffey were also worthy of a nomination.

The results (rounded to whole numbers) were:

Beau Nixon (35%)

Kelvin Kerkow (26%)

Stephanie Gilmore (13%)

Ryan James (11%)

Matthew Butturini (7%)

Mick Fanning (3%)

Joel Parkinson (1%)

Sam Gilbert (1%)

David Hale (1%)

Lara Davenport (1%)

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