Beachy punters zone in on kooii

YOU know those moments in life that just move you to do something you wouldn't normally do? Like sing, cry or dance.

Brisbane-based six-piece Kooii captures those moments with gorgeous lyrics, intimate delivery and tight rhythmic chemistry.

As half-nine chimed at Byron's Beach Hotel on Saturday, the six sauntered casually on to the stage amid a loud and chatty Beachy.

Unfazed, the band launched into their ultra-smooth and groovy blend of reggae, dub and Latin with a delivery that caught the attention of a large proportion of the raucous crowd.

Kooii's sound moved from bassy jams to saxophone and trumpet harmonies, all silhouetted against the spot-on, enticing vocal styling of lead singer Peter Hunt, also on trumpet.

Punters were coaxed from their drink-and-watch stances and began swaying, bopping and nodding along to Tom Hinchcliffe's earthy, driving bass and Dom Hede's flawless rhythms on drums.

Stop-and-stare moments were driven largely by vocal harmonies, none more so than What Do You Want.

Having spent time recording in Byron last week, the musical chemistry was obvious, so much so it oozed offstage into an audience that seemed fascinated and moved to dance.

Their new material was impressive and tight, the band was constantly complimenting each other to a crowd that couldn't agree more.

After a short break, Kooii returned to fill the hotel's beautiful peaked ceiling with an extended climax, lifting the tempo with more Latin beats, before chilling punters out to end the set.

Kooii ticked every box a live performance should, and judging from the zone they were in on Saturday, their upcoming album will be one to watch.

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