Hail just outside of Kyogle.
Hail just outside of Kyogle. The Northern Star

Batten down, the storm season is on the way

THE storm season is approaching and SES acting regional controller Darren Winkler is urging North Coast residents to be prepared.

“Storms are most common from October to the end of March, so now is the time to be getting ready,” Mr Winkler said.

Lismore is still recovering from the start of last year's storm season when a vicious hailstorm battered the city.

Mr Winkler said the most important things people could do around their house and yard was to secure any loose items lying around, clean gutters, drains and downpipes, trim overhanging branches, and make sure the roof was in good repair.

He also said it was important to prepare an emergency kit and to listen to the radio for any storm warnings.

The SES says an emergency kit should include a portable radio with spare batteries, a torch with spare batteries, a first-aid kit, candles and waterproof matches, important papers including emergency contact numbers, and a waterproof bag for valuables.

Mr Winkler said SES units had been servicing all their equipment during the quiet months to make sure they were ready for the months ahead.

“The units basically have a look at themselves and make sure they are operationally ready,” Mr Winkler said.

“As a region we make sure the storeroom is fully stocked with tarps, personal protective equipment; anything that may be required by the units over the next couple of months.”

A big focus for the SES at the moment is community education and they will be at the Norco North Coast National Show this weekend.

Mr Winkler said the SES tried to get out to as many groups as possible to spread the word about getting prepared.

  •  Listen to your local radio station for information and advice.
  •  Bring children and pets indoors.
  •  Stay away from windows.
  •  Park your car under secure cover and away from trees.
  •  If outside, seek secure cover away from trees.
  •  Do not walk, ride or drive through any floodwater.
  •  Stay away from fallen trees and power lines.
  •  Put your family emergency kit where you can find it easily.
  •  If you need help from the SES call 132 500.
  •  For life-threatening emergencies call 000.

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