TOP CATCH: Kalani Love pictured with a nice squire and red throat emperor.
TOP CATCH: Kalani Love pictured with a nice squire and red throat emperor. CONTRIBUTED

Basic rod and reel maintenance pays

LOOKING after your fishing gear is paramount for the longevity of your rods and reels.

After a long day's fishing out in the sun, it can sometimes be an arduous task to pull all the gear out once you've arrived home and give it a good clean.

The best way to look after you're gear once at home is to wash over with a soapy sponge with a mix of warm water and A few drops of non-phosphate detergent.

With fishing reels, whether spin or overhead, they may require a light oil and grease every now and then. I tend to service my reels once a month.

A good product worth a try for both reel oil and grease is the Quantum Hot Sauce.

The reel oil itself is very fine and binds to any metal surface on the reel.

It also gets into bearings and can almost turn a noisy bearing into a free spinning smooth one.

Just remember: it only requires about two to three drops per moving part as you don't want to over-oil your reel.

Don't try and oil any Daiwa reels that have been mag-sealed as it can disrupt the special bond inside the bearings.

These days you don't want to try and pull apart any reels because it might possibly void any warranty issues your reel might have.

Do the same with your fishing rods.

However, once washed, it does pay to dry the rod.

It also pays to leave your rods unrigged and stacked in a rod rack out of the way.

Leaving rods rigged and slightly bent can put a permanent bend in the rod blank.

The main thing I want to point out is to look after your gear.

Don't be over the top with maintenance, but just take a few moments to clean and wash off your gear once finished for the day.

We do have a fully qualified reel mechanic and rod builder who can take care of any of your rod and reel needs.

Now for all the latest information, log on to for up-to-date bar and fishing reports. Don't forget to drop into Davo's Tackle World in Noosa or Davo's Northshore Bait & Tackle at Marcoola to find out where the fish are biting, and remember: tight lines and bent spines.

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