Banning miners suggested as a cure for red tape

A MINING action group has a simple solution for mine companies feeling frustrated by red tape.

Just ban them.

Oakey Coal Action Alliance spokeswoman Dr Nicki Laws told a Queensland Government inquiry on Friday that her region - in the Darling Downs - should be deemed a no-go zone for mine operations.

She said such a clear-cut plan would ensure that would-be mine operations are not forced to struggle through concentric circles of bureaucracy before they can operate.

Dr Laws said mine operations were doing damage to the region's agriculture industry, with producers opting to leave their properties even outside the direct mining area because as their way-of-life deteriorated.

"The impact of closing large numbers of farms (in the Darling Downs) is very different from a Central Queensland mine which buys up and mines on one or two expansive grazing properties."

Her submission to the inquiry follows New Hope Coal - which plans to expand New Acland Mine near Oakey - downgrading the size of its project by 25%.

A company statement announced the operation would be at least 10km away from Oakey.

The planned expansion would allow New Acland to keep operating until 2029, about 12 years beyond its current closure date.

Dr Laws said the resources industry should not be supported if it was detrimental to long-standing agricultural operations.

"We feel there should be greater restrictions on where mines should go," Dr Laws said.

New Hope Coal did not return calls before deadline on Friday.

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