Residents petition roundabout

Concerned: Tony Hart points to Bangalow slipway which is poised to become a large interchange.
Concerned: Tony Hart points to Bangalow slipway which is poised to become a large interchange.

SOME residents of Bangalow face a ‘living hell’ if an RTA proposal for a roundabout goes ahead.

The interchange, planned as part of the Tintenbar to Ewingsdale upgrade of the Pacific Highway, would be next to the Clover Hill Estate, east of the town.

It would be at the elevated level of the current highway, brightly floodlit at night, and would involve clearing a large amount of vegetation, according to Tony Hart, member of a group of concerned residents.

The group has organised a petition against the project and is aiming to get 1000 signatures. At present it has 750.

“The RTA has been unable to give us any real justification for the interchange,” Mr Hart said.

All of the functions that were supposedly improved by the interchange were catered for perfectly adequately by the current highway set-up, Mr Hart said.

The group fears an interchange would encourage heavy vehicles travelling between Lismore and Byron Bay to ‘rumble through’ Bangalow in order to enter and exit the new highway and would increase noise and air pollution in the area.

Bangalow’s Chamber of Commerce president Michael Malloy said the ‘enormous’ road structure was out of all proportion to the town, and would make life hell for those living at Clover Hill.

“Bangalow does not rely on pulling people off the highway. It’s already a destination in itself,” he said.

“We don’t need a big neon sign saying ‘come here’.”

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