Luke Thomas, of Bangalow.
Luke Thomas, of Bangalow.

Young auctioneer makes finals

BANGALOW’S fastest talker, Luke Thomas, 19, will compete at the Sydney Royal Easter Showtoday in the State finals of the Young Auctioneers Competition.

Mr Thomas will be judged on his ‘patter’ – the clarity and speed of his auctioneer’s technique – when he sells three led steers as part of the competition.

Mr Thomas has been an auctioneer for two years and said it was the job he had always hoped to have.

“As a young fellow I always wanted to do it,” he said.

“I get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

“I get to work with rural people and livestock.”

Mr Thomas said one of the tricks to being a good auctioneer was to remember you were working for the vendor.

“You’ve got to try to sell yourvery best,” he said.

“You are there to get the best price for the vendor.”

Mr Thomas moved to Tamworth to get a start in the industry, but has recently returned to the reg-ion to work for Elders at Casino.

There was a new generation of young auctioneers keen to get a start in the livestock sales industry, he said.

“There is plenty of young blood, young blokes wanting to have a go,” he said.

Mr Thomas won his spot in the Sydney Easter Show competition after making it into the top 10 of an auctioneers’ contest held in Dubbo in December.

Fellow Elders auctioneer Mark O’Reilly has 25 years’ experience and he reckons Mr Thomas should ‘go all right’ today.

“Young Luke is very well liked,” Mr O’Reilly said.

“He’s got a big future ahead of him.”

Mr Thomas has travelled to Sydney with fellow auctioneer And-rew Summerville, 18, from George and Fuhrmann, Casino. Mr Summerville’s role will be to offermoral support.

Ten young hopefuls from across NSW will compete today.

If Mr Thomas wins he can look forward to returning to the show in 2011 to compete at the national titles.

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