Ballina soccer club will fold unless volunteers are found
Ballina soccer club will fold unless volunteers are found

Ballina soccer club in danger of folding

IF Ballina Soccer Club can’t find fresh volunteers to fill its three main executive positions over the next few weeks, almost 400 families may be hunting around for a new place to play next year.

The club is in danger of folding after two previous attempts to fill the roles of president, vice-president and secretary failed.

Due to work commitments, the current president, Peter Lang, is stepping down, and without a replacement for his role, and the other two positions, there is no way the club can continue.

The club’s potential closure would affect about 380 families and players ranging in age from five to senior players in the premier division.

“The club has been around since 1971 and it may just be a matter of people thinking the club will just keep kicking over by itself without them putting their hand up and helping out,” Lang said.

“We need to hear from people who are interested in taking on a role because until we fill the president, vice-president and secretary’s positions nothing much can happen.

“If we manage to fill those roles, the rest will fall into place.”

 The club held its annual general meeting about a month ago but Lang knew ‘in a minute’ that there were no ready-made replacements in the audience.

“There were six items on the agenda and the sixth was filling office bearers but I knew just from looking around that we wouldn’t be getting any new volunteers,” he said.

 Another meeting was arranged for Sunday, but still no volunteers stepped forward.

“We adjourned that meeting and arranged to hold another meeting on December 21, but if that is unsuccessful we’d only have one more chance to hold an extraordinary meeting in January and then we’d have to call it quits,” Lang said.

“Ballina has been competing in the premier league division for lots and lots of years, and it would be hard on Football Far North Coast to have a league without 12 teams going around, but hopefully it won’t come to that.”

The club has explored innovative ways in which people could share executive roles and have a ‘buddy’ system so the burden of responsibility doesn’t become too much.

“But it is extremely difficult to find volunteers,” Lang said.

“It used to be an 80-20 split where 20 per cent of the people do 80 per cent of the work, but lately it feels more like 90-10.”

Anyone interested in helping the club, please contact Peter Lang urgently on 0414 961 684.

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