Ballina must act to make streets safe

IT'S A shame to hear such a beautiful coastal town as Ballina is suffering from the 21st Century epidemic of alcohol abuse and violence.

Even worse to find local businesses don't believe they have the support they need from their local council and the police.

It must be tough for bakers such as

Brumby's, who have to work in the early morning hours, to put up with constant abuse and threats from people on the streets.

And then for businesses to have to face the financial burden of being robbed.

It couldn't be good for business and for tourism in the town to have CBD streets

become no-go zones late at night where

vandalism, violence and theft have become

routine occurrences.

Considering Ballina also has a lot of elderly people living there, as well as young families with children, this must be putting a strain on the community.

Councils have a responsibility to their

ratepayers and residents to ensure increases in crime and antisocial behaviour are quickly acted on before they seriously affect the

economic viability and safety of the town.

Perhaps, like Casino, Ballina should get the police to undertake a crime prevention audit and establish the needs of both businesses and residents to ensure their town remains safe at night to walk the streets.

CCTV cameras have been proven in other areas to help in conjunction with other safety measures, so council may need to revise its decision in this matter.

What may seem to be too expensive today could prove to be good economic management in the future if violence begins to turn

investors away from Ballina.

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