Backpacker accuses nightclub boss

A BRITISH backpacker has accused her former nightclub boss of a series of sexual and indecent assaults after a Halloween party in Byron Bay.

In evidence at the man’s trial in Lismore District Court, the woman (then aged 19) said the man assaulted her in the early hours of November 1, 2008, on a suburban street while on her way home.

As she ran from the man she stumbled and fell on to the road in front of an oncoming car near the roundabout at Tennyson Road, across from the Green Garage fruit shop, some time after 3am.

The driver stopped and drove the woman to a nightclub where an employee she knew was closing up. Friends later took her to hospital for examination and police were contacted.

The woman said the man began groping her when she sat between his legs, despite telling him not to.

The man, who cannot be identified, is pleading not guilty to three counts of indecent assault and once count of rape.

The Crown said two of the indecent assault charges related to him unlawfully touching her beneath her clothing, and one when he made her touch his penis.

The man, through his defence counsel, denied all assaults and maintained he did not remember seeing her that night.

The defence case is that the accused believed the woman bore him animosity after he sacked her some days before.

She was banned for a time from attending the club which her friends frequented.

“He did not see her at all once he left the club,” the court was told.

“He did not sit her between his legs. He did not chase her. He did not touch her at all.”

The trial continues today with a Crown witness to give evidence via video link from California.

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