DON'T expect a string of new D-list celebrities out of the new season of The Bachelor, with Sydney events and PR agents banning the reality contestants from VIP events.

Confidential has been told that the combination of "mean" and "boring" women cast for this season have not impressed the local gatekeepers to champagne lunches and promo parties.

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One Sydney PR agent told Confidential they would not be having the girls at their events.

"People think that getting on a reality show is a ticket to being a socialite, but that isn't the case," the source said.

"Maybe the winner and a couple of others might get a few invites, but they definitely wont be at the top of the guest list for the big events around town.

"They started out mean and now they are just boring. Who wants that at a party?

"Among the PR industry, there is little interest in getting these ladies to our events, in Sydney at least."

In previous seasons, some of the more popular ladies have managed to create social standings after the show, with the likes of Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich breaking out of the reality box into fully-fledged Sydney socialites.

One reason the ladies of this season may not have ­created personal hype could be their presence online.

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This year producers have changed tact, not banning the girls from social media during the show. In previous years the ladies have been told to keep their profiles private and not to post until they are eliminated. All contestants have had their profiles set to public and have been posting throughout the show this year.

After early ­favourite Lisa was booted last week, The Bachelor is down to the final six contestants, with Elora and Laura both representing the ­Harbour City.

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