Bachelor winner: It's time for me to move on

THE jilted would-be fiancee of The Bachelor's Blake Garvey has taken to social media to tell her fans and supporters that enough is enough.

It's time for her to move on, she said.

Posting on Instagram and Twitter after her interview with 7PM Project host Carrie Bickmore, Sam Frost held up a sign of thanks to her fans with the caption, "So much love for you all. Now it's time to move on to bigger and better things... xxxx #foreverthankful"

Earlier in the day, Ms Frost tweeted that it was time for her to "stop fluffing about reading magazines" and find job.

Not sure how BMW feels about that, given she lists herself as working in their marketing and finance department.

Rumours are still swirling that Ms Frost could be asked by Channel 10 to be the bride-to-be if it creates The Bachelorette Australia for 2015.


The Bachelor: from prince charming to player?

THE Bachelor's Blake Garvey and Sam Frost spilled the beans on their highly publicised break-up tonight.

Speaking to The Project's Carrie Bickmore, the two reality TV stars gave very different versions of events.

In Thursday's finale, Garvey proposed to Frost after revealing that he'd chosen her as the winner over Sunshine Coast fashion designer Lisa Hyde.

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Garvey was the object of desire for a bevvy of beautiful women, 30 to be exact, on the reality dating show.

The Bachelor Blake Garvey and winner Sam Frost.
The Bachelor Blake Garvey and winner Sam Frost. Channel 10

The three final bachelorettes, including Frost, all told him they loved him.

A red-eyed Garvey told Bickmore that something was "not quite right" after the cameras stopped rolling and that his heart was broken.

He also deflected a question about the rumours he was already dating another woman.

"No it's not about that right now. It's about the fact that my heart is broken," he said.

Frost admitted to being sad and angry about the break-up and the circumstances of the proposal, revealing the couple returned to Australia to live in separate cities and that she communicated with Garvey by Skype before their split.

"I feel a bit played a little bit," she told Bickmore.

Frost said she watched the show's final week with close girlfriends and that her reaction to Garvey's on-screen romancing was "what a jackass".

The 25-year-old Melbourne beauty said she had doubts when Garvey proposed to her in South Africa.

"We stayed there (South Africa) for a couple of nights. He was just a bit emotional and upset, and so I just sort of let him have his time," she said.

"As soon as the cameras stopped rolling I feel like he kind of switched off."


Blake's take

What's went wrong?

"It's not necessarily something that's gone wrong. It was just the general feeling, you know, something's not quite right."


Why did he propose?

"I did that because I love Sam.

"I was in that moment, maybe you get caught up in it all.

"I think I could put some pressure on myself.  It's a surreal situation. I felt by all means I was doing the right thing, the best thing, at the time."


How did he break things off?

"We met up in person and just talked over it and as anyone would in that situation when you have that time together and you feel that it's not quite right you have to listen to your heart. It's hard because I do love Sam, and she's just a beautiful person."


Would he give it another shot with one of the other bachelorettes?

"I really can't focus on that. It's been about my journey; I've had my heart broken through all of this. I've said goodbye to many incredible women… it's going to take time."


Sam's take

What did she think about Blake's marriage proposal?

"I was not expecting him to propose at all. I was really excited and happy but realistically I was like 'really you want to propose?'

"Reflecting back I'm quite confused to be honest. I thought at the time it felt very real and natural. I don't know I feel a bit played a little bit."


What happened after the cameras stopped rolling?

"We were just more like friends. We haven't even hung out as a couple or even given it a shot.

"He just dusted off his hands and he's like it's done.

"If you weren't sure (about the proposal) we could have just given a crack at a relationship."


What did she say when he broke things off?

"When he called it off I said 'how dare you propose to me?' I want to be engaged once, I want to be married once.

"I was very sad when he told me. I cried for a long time, and then I was angry. I was just like 'what the hell was that?' Even watching the episodes and listening to what he says to me and what he wants…you're like 'what a load of rubbish'."


Is she worried about the cheating rumours?

"I hope not. I don't know. That would make it a thousand times worse.

"I don't think so. I'm still friend with all of the girls (from the show). I would hope not but you just never know."


What's happening to the engagement ring?

"Bunda have said they're going to redesign it so I can wear it."



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