THE Bangalow-based Australian Vaccination Network Inc (AVN) is being audited after claims it received unauthorised charitable donations.

The AVN has 28 days to show why their charitable fundraising authority should not be revoked by the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLG&R) following an audit that revealed breaches of charitable fundraising legislation.

These included fundraising without authority, unauthorised expenditure and failure to keep proper records of expenditure.

The AVN offices were searched by the OLG&R recently and staff were interviewed.

An OLG&R spokesman said they were also concerned with the Health Care Complaints Commission's (HCCC) public warning about the company providing misleading information on its website.

"It is in relation to them misleading the public and we are taking it into consideration," he said.

A statement from the AVN said the network had been working with investigators from the OLG&R  regarding complaints made by members of Stop the AVN.

"The AVN has followed the audit process to the best of our capability and has co-operated with the OLG&R each step of the way. At no time during this process has there been any suggestion of fraud and all issues which arose during the investigation have been dealt with. We are confident that at the conclusion of due process, the Attorney General will find that the AVN is entitled to maintain its charitable status."

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