Inside Avatar's spectacular world

AVATAR takes us to a spectacular world beyond imagination where a reluctant hero embarks on a journey of redemption and discovery as he leads a heroic battle to save a civilisation.

The film is set during the 22nd Century on a small moon called Pandora, which is inhabited by the tribal Na’vi, three-metre blue humanoids who are peaceful unless attacked.

James Cameron, the Oscar-winning director of Titanic, first conceived the film years ago, when the technology to realise his vision did not yet exist. Now, after four years of production, Avatar delivers a fully immersive cinematic experience, where the revolutionary technology invented to make the film disappears into the emotion of the characters and the sweep of the story.

The story’s protagonist, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), is a former Marine who was wounded and paralysed from the waist down in combat on Earth. Bitter and disillusioned, he’s is still a warrior at heart.

Jake has been recruited to join an expedition to Pandora, which corporate interests are strip-mining for a mineral worth $20 million a kilogram on Earth.

To facilitate their work, the humans use a link system that projects a person’s consciousness into a hybrid of humans and Pandora’s indigenous humanoid race, the Na’vi.

This human-Na’vi hybrid – a fully living, breathing body that resembles the Na’vi but possesses the individual human’s thoughts, feelings and personality – is known as an ‘avatar.’

In his new avatar form, Jake can once again walk. His mission is to interact with and infiltrate the Na’vi with the hope of enlisting their help – or at least their acquiescence – in mining the ore.

A beautiful Na’vi female, Neytiri, saves Jake’s life – reluctantly – because even in his avatar body, Jake represents to her the human encroachment on the Na’vi’s unspoiled world.

Over time, Jake integrates himself into Neytiri’s clan and begins to fall in love with her.

As a result, Jake finds himself caught between the military-industrial forces of Earth and the Na’vi, forcing him to choose sides in an epic battle that will decide the fate of an entire world.

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