Cave diving.
Cave diving. CONTRIBUTED

Australian cave diving is regulated

POPULAR local dive instructor Chris Williams is undertaking cavern diving in the sink holes of South Australia.

Victoria is the headquarters for cavern and cave-diving training in Australia so Chris must first undertake rigorous training there.

To be eligible to dive in sink holes, divers must first hold a current recreational scuba certification.

They then enrol in an intensive cavern diving course.

Cavern and cave diving - like all recreational diving in Australia - is highly regulated.

This is in contrast to a country sich as Mexico where divers come from all over the world to explore their underground treasures.

The Mexican authorities rely on the local dive businesses to self-regulate.

Sadly, there have been deaths in caverns and caves but they are a rare event.

In Australia, the regulations allow divers to penetrate caverns up to a maximum of 40m from the point where they can make a safe ascent.

Once well inside the cavern, all light disappears and divers rely on their powerful underwater lights to explore the tunnels.

The water in the sink holes is clear, provided the divers do not disturb the silty bottom.

Chris is looking forward to sharing his adventures with local divers on his return to the Coast.

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