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Man poured fuel over woman

HE DOUSED his girlfriend in petrol then tried to ignite her with a cigarette lighter.

But Michael Donaghey has escaped jail time for his offence.

Donaghey, 31, of Mallanganee, pleaded guilty in Casino Local Court on Tuesday to assaulting Laurel Torrens with intent to commit a serious offence at her home in April this year; and resisting police.

Magistrate Nicholas Reimer sentenced Donaghey to 18 months’ jail, immediately suspended, with Donaghey placed on an 18-month good behaviour bond and ordered him to seek help for his alcohol problems.

Donaghey, who has been living at Buderim, north of Brisbane, may have to serve his bond under a Queensland authority.

The charges arose following an argument between the pair.

Donaghey then poured fuel he used for his lawn mower over Ms Torrens and unsuccessfully tried to ignite her before fleeing the scene.

In evidence before the court, two Tabulam police officers went to the Pine Street home at 8.10pm and found Ms Torrens upset and crying with bruises around both eyes. She reeked of petrol.

Sgt Grant Martin said he walked outside to the front of the house and tried to locate a petrol tin or similar item in the dark, but found nothing.

When he and another officer drove Ms Torrens to Casino, the officer said he had to wind down the windows of the police vehicle due to the strong smell of petrol.

Later that night when officers went to Donaghey’s home a woman answered the door and after speaking to police called out ‘Zac, there’s a complaint you assaulted Lauren by pouring petrol over her and attempted to set her alight’.

Donaghey had called out ‘I’m not going anywhere, go away’ then slammed the front door shut. An officer kicked the door open and Donaghey was arrested.

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