Wine bladder bandit hits pizza store

A MAN came off second best after taking on two employees at an Ipswich pizza store while armed with a wine bladder.

Jerome Blade Harker walked into Domino's at Goodna in the early hours of May 22 when it was closed for business and staff were preparing to go home.

A heavily intoxicated Harker, 18, demanded a pizza and when he was refused, he became aggressive and reached for the cash bag, which contained $30.

The duty manager held onto the cash bag while Harker argued with him, before the 18-year-old swung a wine bladder at him, pushed him toward the door and said: “Come outside and fight”.

Harker walked outside and the employees locked the door after him.

He continued to yell and kicked the glass door until staff opened it to try to stop him damaging it.

Harker then punched the manager in the face and ran outside again.

The two male employees followed Harker this time, who threw a flurry of punches which all failed to connect.

They then tried to protect themselves by pushing Harker to the ground and taking his wallet to get his ID.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard the employees told Harker his wallet would be returned when police arrived.

The employees then returned to the store, locked the door and called police.

Harker threw a rubbish bin at the door, causing it to smash, and one of the employees used a broom to fend him off until he ran away.

Police went to Harker's home where they discovered a small amount of cannabis and a pipe.

He told police he did not remember the incident because he had drunk two bottles of spirits that night.

Harker pleaded guilty to entering a premises with intent, wilful damage, attempted stealing, two offences of common assault, possessing dangerous drugs and possessing utensils.

He was placed on 12 months probation, ordered to perform 100 hours of unpaid community service and pay $570 to fix the glass door.

Defence lawyer Alexis Oxley said her client had no recollection of the incident, was unemployed and acknowledged he had a problem with alcohol.

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