Soldier's grieving grandad gives life by helping deliver bub

TWO days before burying his grandson, Sapper David Wood at a full military funeral, Roger Wood of Bora Ridge was involved in helping a new little life into the world.

Little Luana MacKinnon may one day come to understand how much her road-side birth blessed a hurting family.

Until then the baby's parents, Jacqui Levy and Wade MacKinnon of New Italy, could not be more thankful for the assistance they received from Roger and another grandson Jack Wood when they helped deliver the little girl by the side of the road at Reardon's Lane, Swan Bay.

David Wood
David Wood

"It's wonderful to have been a help," Roger said.

"One life has been taken but now one life is here.

"(The birth) took me and Jack away from our misery for quite some time."

Roger said even his wife Robyne was very pleased when he told her.

"She thought it was wonderful and we used this event as a distraction," he said.

Ms Levy said her waters had broken about 9 that morning and the contractions started straight away.

"We were only five minutes in the car when the contractions came really close," she said. "I screamed at Wade that the baby was coming and when he stopped the car to get a blanket out of the boot, she was half way out."

Their son, Sunny, 2, thought his mummy was being funny and started copying her noises.

"When the baby started coming out, however, he was screaming and backing himself against the window of the car," Ms Levy said.

"Wade managed to wave down Roger and Jack and Jack went straight away to Sunny and calmed him down."

Roger rang emergency and held Jacqui's hand as they waited for the ambulance.

"I've never congratulated a mother before straight after she's given birth," Roger said. "When my kids were born we weren't allowed near them.

"We were pretty proud of what we had done and reckon we are qualified as assistant midwives now."

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