Assault outside police station

BRADLEY HALL could not have chosen a worse location to grab the throat of Nathan Ind.

But that is what he did at the front door of Casino Police Station.

Hall, 45, of Casino, pleaded guilty in Casino Local Court to assaulting Mr Ind, 21, at 5.15pm on March 13 and was fined $250 for the offence by Magistrate Robyn Denes.

In police facts Mr Ind had been lying on the bonnet of his parked car outside the police station when Hall drove up and parked nearby.

As Hall walked over to him Mr Ind slid down the bonnet.

Hall then grabbed Mr Ind’s singlet calling him ‘a idiot’.

Mr Ind told Hall he was not going to fight him and tried to walk away with his singlet partially ripped.

Hall also knocked a mobile phone from his hand (found later near a parked police car) before following Mr Ind up a ramp to the front door of the police station.

At the flyscreen door Hall grabbed Mr Ind around the throat then pushed the younger man towards the brick wall of the police station.

Hall was holding and compressing the throat of Mr Ind when a policeman walked out the door and told him to stop.

Hall then let Mr Ind go.

Hall’s defence lawyer explained to the magistrate the circumstances surrounding the assault which he described as being ‘a bizarre case’.

The lawyer said his client only ‘grabbed Mr Ind by the scruff of his neck’ and did not believe it had been around his throat.

Ms Denes said she had ‘some understanding’ of the background to the matter and difficulties, but there were other ways in which to deal with this than to assault someone.

In a separate matter before the court Ind, also of Casino, was fined $350 by Ms Denes for trespassing on the grounds of Casino High School.

Ind pleaded guilty to remaining on school premises without a lawful excuse at 3pm on February 25.

Two days before the offence Ind was told by two Casino police officers he was not allowed to return to the high school after its deputy principal told Ind to leave the school grounds.

When Magistrate Denes asked what Ind was doing at the school, defence lawyer Peter Walsh said his client drove a neighbour to the school because her child had been assaulted.

Ms Denes questioned why Ind had not simply stayed in his car until the woman returned.

Ms Denes told Ind that considering the circumstances it had not been the smartest of decisions to make.

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