Assault charge dismissed

ROSALIE STEVENS had taken her false leg off and was seated bleeding in a wheelchair when police arrived at her Woodburn home to investigate her complaint of being punched in the mouth by a former lover.

John Crisp, 54, strongly denied her accusation, saying he acted in self-defence after she attacked him with her walking stick as he sat in his recliner chair watching the boxing.

He said she arrived home drunk and cranky after being told to leave the pub, only to find the front door closed.

During a three-hour defended hearing in the Lismore Local Court, Mr Crisp pleaded not guilty to assault causing bodily harm to Ms Stevens at 9pm on July 22.

Answering questions put by defence lawyer Amy Barker, Mr Crisp said he never punched Rosalie, but was instead hit by her collapsible walking stick when a section flipped back into her face while hitting him.

“The walking stick just came apart and swung back on her,” he said.

Mr Crisp claimed she removed her leg and sat in the wheelchair to make it look worse when police officers arrived.

Ms Stevens also accused Mr Crisp of throwing a plastic barrel of biscuits at him. He agreed he threw it, but alleged Rosalie then picked the barrel up and began ‘stamping’ the biscuits into the floor.

Mr Crisp accused Rosalie of grabbing his long hair and not letting go.

“I grabbed her hair and told her I wouldn’t let go until she let go,” he said.

“She was that cranky so she phoned police. She said you’re going to go in (prison) now. You’ll cop it in the rear in prison.

“I said to Rose don’t do it again. I’ve got no malice toward Rose. I’ve tried to look after her for seven years.”

Witness Steven Dickinson, a cousin of Mr Crisp, said he had been playing pool with Rosalie at the Rod and Reel Hotel when she was refused service by publican Daniel Simpson.

Mr Simpson told the court Rosalie was approaching intoxication when he refused her service and she then became abusive.

Magistrate Michael Dakin dismissed the charge against Mr Crisp, saying the evidence of Ms Stevens had been unreliable, and police had not been able to negate his argument of self-defence.

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