Artistic Cycling: how on earth do they do that?

YOU know what they say about riding a bike: you never forget how to ride backwards while doing a handstand on the handlebars.

OK, people don't say that, but people don't typically ride like these guys either.

Artistic cycling is an indoor competitive cycling sport where the objective is to impress judges by doing crazy stuff on bikes.

Here's the breakdown from topendsports.com - the authority on Artistic cycling:

"Routines can be performed in singles, in pairs, or four or six member teams.

Each routine lasts for five minutes and riders perform as many moves as possible within the allocated time. Competitions are conducted in a format similar to that of gymnastics in which each routine performed is judged by a panel of judges.

Each routine is scored based on several factors, like degree of difficulty of the moves performed and execution, and are awarded points."

These are some of the best moments from the UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships in Stuttgart yesterday.

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