Art Work by Maria Paterson.
Art Work by Maria Paterson. Contributed

Artist emerges onto the world stage

ARTIST Maria Paterson has kicked off 2017 with a bang, being one of only 94 candidates selected for the FID prize, an international drawing competition based in Paris, France.

The 94 candidates were selected from 30 countries. With competition entries a closely guarded secret, but thought to be in the thousands, this puts Maria in the top tier of contemporary artists. FID is an independent cultural institution specialising in the patronage of the arts. The institution, dedicated to contemporary drawing, was founded in Paris in 2007.

Maria has already been asked to submit her work next year, which she says is a huge honour.

"The recognition of being a FID candidate means my work is now available and out there within the broad perspective of the international contemporary art scene,” she said.

As a result of being one of the 94 FID candidates, Maria's work has now been picked up by well-respected artist and commentator Nicole Lenzi for inclusion in the Expanded Drawing on-line publication. Expanded is a new wave of contemporary drawing, which includes performance, digital mediums and often music. It encourages dialogues about the evolving medium of drawing. Artists share their strategies and Maria is now a featured contributor.

Maria says her newly emerging status follows on from a three year period of extreme change and transition, with the loss of her partner, a move and a daughter about to start university.

She says her style has changed along with her technique, and cites her use of a feather rather than brush as an example. She says it helps create more fluidity and less control, which is especially relevant when capturing the elements of nature.

"I also limit my use of colour to more monochromatic palettes so I can communicate more depth in my emotional responses to this environment, allowing more scope to create contrast, emphasising the lights and dark. I want to use the materials in an intuitive sense, letting the artwork dictate direction.

"Taking that further, I've started to take apart an artwork to reconstruct it over another, overlaying its parts onto a previous work. It is combining, breaking apart and reforming the pictorial space, which reflects the shifting alternating states of being,” she said.

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