Opinion: Are our kids tough enough for the workforce?

HAVE we raised a generation of children who lack the skills or will to work hard?

That's the feeling of Leftfield of Lismore Heights who left a comment on one of our web discussions about whether it was time to change Australia's jobs and wages model.

"The majority of young adults leaving school in this country can't spell, have no idea of grammar, mathematics is like a foreign language to them, and they are simply not job ready. When you do employ them, they have no idea of honesty, loyalty or working hard," Leftfield's comment read.

That's pretty harsh and probably a massive generalisation, but how could you get through a day without a massive generalisation?

My son has just graduated from high school and is awaiting his HSC results.

But he's hardly letting the grass grow under his feet. He's had a job since the age of 14 and has just upped his work hours there while he figures out his next move.

I mean, he wouldn't work in an iron lung at home, but at work I know he is diligent, respectful and a hard worker.

Sometimes I wonder, have we raised our children to be emotionally resilient? To tough it out when things get a little hard?

And are we letting our children down by constantly telling them how well they are doing regardless of how well they are actually doing at any particular tasks at the time?

Sometimes they don't do a good job and isn't it better to prepare them to handle constructive feedback rather than constantly expect praise all the time?

While I think the current crop could toughen up a little, I also think they are equipped to handle the digital revolution.

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