Young single mum loses everything in Rappville house fire


A YOUNG single mum lost everything she owned when her house burnt to the ground on Wednesday afternoon.

Mea Wallace, 22, of Rappville, and her three-year-old daughter were not in the house when it caught fire about 5pm.

Remote and difficult to access, the three-bedroom house was built by Mea, her father and the father of Mea's daughter.

"It was priceless to me," Mea said.

"To build a house from wood you have milled yourself, and then, when it's finished, to be able to sit on your veranda and have breakfast and look at a spectacular view to me is the most amazing feeling.

"And now it's gone.

"All the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into it, it's heart-breaking."

Mea said she and her daughter now had only the clothes on their backs and the dirty washing, which had been in the car.

"It's all gone," she said.

"Every photo, my daughter's first lock of hair, blankets, shoes, and all my camera equipment gone."

Mea said the house was built over a period of five years.

"I was out there all by myself and I could not do anything," she said.

"My daughter doesn't understand what has happened and keeps asking for her things.

"She is upset and wants to know where all her clothes are.

"It's just lucky the dirty washing was in the car otherwise we would only have the clothes we stood in.

"My daughter had to stand and watch all her birthday and Christmas presents and everything she owns burn and now it's just coals."

A NSW Rural Fire Service spokesman said crews from Whiporie, Bungawalbin and Rappville attended the blaze, but because of the rugged terrain only a light vehicle could get access to the house.

He said seven crew members attended the blaze.

"By the time crews got to the house it was collapsed and destroyed," the spokesman said.

"It is well-forested country and it took a long time to negotiate access to the house.

"It was in very remote and rugged country."

The spokesman said it was not known how the fire started.

The circumstances behind the blaze is now under investigation by detectives.

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