Women know how to charm snakes


THERE is nothing sexy about snakes according to a group of sassy female snake handlers who are using their feminine powers to charm slithering serpents.

The group of over-50s volunteer snake handlers admit a feminine touch works wonders when seducing a trapped snake, but they say there is nothing sexy about the snake's charming ways.

"There's nothing sexy about that, and when they do it, I can tell you it smells," the Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers president, Julie Webb, said.

No snake is too big or too small for this fearless group of women, who laughed at the idea that removing an unwanted snake is men's work.

The women have already been called out several times this season to rescue snakes that have come too close to home. Most have dealt with heavy adult brown snakes and say their limited physical strength is the only area this job is better suited to men.

"I've been out on jobs before and a man has come up to ask 'When is your husband coming?' to get the snake," Mrs Webb said.

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