Whaling rouses flight and fight response


WHALE LOVER Sue Arnold is about to embark upon a mission to Korea to save her beloved animals.

The Myocum woman is so determined to save the endangered whales she will travel overseas on Sunday in a bid to convince the International Whaling Convention to reject Japan's push to resume commercial whaling.

The IWC meeting, beginning on June 20, will be the last chance to avert disaster for the whales, said Ms Arnold, co-ordinator of Australians for Animals.

"This year is critical. They will never recover if commercial whaling resumes," she said.

"We may be the last generation to see them."

Ms Arnold has lobbied internationally on behalf of whales many times, including a trip to Washington DC in February to convince US senators to vote against Japan's plans.

"The US has massive power in the IWC," she said.

"There are the pro-whaling countries, like Japan and Norway, there's the anti-whaling countries like Australia, New Zealand and the UK, then their are the 'mushies', the ones who sit on the fence.

"And the US leads the mushies.

"They are putting whales in jeopardy."

Ms Arnold and other environmental activists have their work cut out for them in Korea, with no environmental groups allowed to speak publicly during the convention.

"We have to lobby like crazy in all the breakfast, morning tea, lunch and dinner breaks," Ms Arnold said.

"But, in the past, last-minute lobbying efforts by the environmental movement have been really effective."

Even if the IWC votes against Japan's push to resume commercial whaling, legal action in the International Court is needed to stop whaling in the name of scientific research, Ms Arnold said.

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