We love life in Bogan-ville

By HANNAH ROSS hannah.ross@northernstar.com.au CORAKI'S reputation as a haven for hard-drinking, dole-bludging, trash-talking red-necks is no laughing matter - unless you happen to live there.

Local residents have been getting a giggle lately out of an email which throws all the clich?s into a fake news report about an appeal to help Coraki in the wake of the January floods.

At the pub Evan reckons the butcher wrote the email; the butcher reckons he knows nothing about it; and several people in the local shops say they saw a similar fake report about Newcastle, Kyogle and Ipswich after natural disasters in those towns.

Whoever wrote the report knew a thing or two about Coraki's troubles with car theft, but there was no mention of the infamous 'Coraki handbag' - a term which, as legend has it, was coined during a court case in which a cask of wine featured prominently.

By and large locals laughed off the email yesterday. Jenny Grace, a bar attendant at the Coraki Hotel, said the fake report was 'a classic'.

"I first saw it around the time of the floods and I just cracked up. "I think the town is good at having a giggle at itself," Jenny said.

"Actually, we see ourselves as lucky. "Coraki is a top little spot.

"It is close to the beach and the Gold Coast; we have two schools, three churches and a river without a speed limit." Jenny said the town was the domain of country folk, farmers and workers.

"Alternative? No, we tend to bite the bullet on that one," she said.

Butcher Scott Dolby, who was born in the town 22 years ago, was in two minds about how close the bone the email was cutting. "It is definitely not what it is like here ... actually I suppose it is," he said with a laugh.

Coraki 'mayor' Norma Thomas, a resident of the town for 52 years, said although the email was written in jest, she thought it didn't do the town any favours.

"Coraki is a great little town," Cr Thomas said. "Good things happen here but they don't get reported. Every town has its problems."

"We have all classes of citizens here. I don't think we are a town full of bogans."

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