Up there Cazaly, mums sew through the night


"IT was like ... (gasp)."

This was the reaction of East Lismore's Bev Smith when told she would have to help out making 22 AFL jumpers for Wyrallah Road Public School's open footy team.

Mrs Smith qualified for the privilege by way of her son, Jordan, who is a member of the side that will take on Forster in the quarter-finals of the statewide Tony Lockett Primary Schools Sports Association Shield on Thursday at Mortimer Oval, Lismore.

Making the quarter-finals is a first for Wyrallah Road Public.

Making 22 jumpers is also a first for Mrs Smith and her hard-working cohorts.

The Wyrallah Road team has had to play in rugby league jumpers since the beginning of the knock-out competition.

Finally, coach and teacher Max Kite thought it was time to organise some proper AFL jumpers for the team and the school.

Unfortunately, a new set of AFL shirts would have cost more than $1000.

It was then decided that some of the parents would band together to make the jumpers.

Who decided this was debatable, especially between the six ladies -? Carmen McAlister, Janelle Holland, Anne Connors, Alana Reilly, Keron Savins and Bev Smith ? doing all the frantic sewing at the home of Mrs Smith yesterday.

"I think Mr Kite has a way with words," chuckled Mrs Smith.

While the six volunteers will do the majority of the sewing, other parents have banded together to help out.

A father organised the iron-on numbers.

Another mother organis- ed morning tea for the dedicated jumper makers.

Other parents organised sponsorship to pay for the material.

At the first official fitting the six ladies seemed undaunted by having to finish the jumpers by Thursday morning.

Reaction has been mixed among the young football players who will wear the new strip, especially among the models who took time off school for a fitting.

"They're too thin," one complained.

"They're not tight enough," another said.

It's always hard to keep models happy.

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