Two years' jail for killing wife

A MAN who killed his ex-wife rather than risk his youngest daughter being sold into a life of prostitution in the Philippines will spend another two years in jail.

Peter Frost, 58, pleaded guilty in Lismore Supreme Court last week to the manslaughter of Virginia Abad Frost and was sentenced by Justice Graham Barr yesterday. Frost has been in custody since his arrest in September 2006.

Justice Barr said he accepted Frost was a good father to his children, he loved them and they loved him.

"Letters were put before the court, written by the parents of the deceased, from which it appears they bear the offender no ill will and accept that the death of the deceased was not intended," he said.

"I accept that the offence was committed in a sudden and unexpected burst of anger, precipitated by the deceased's abhorrent proposal to take the youngest child into a dangerous and degrading milieu of drugs and prostitution."

Justice Barr said he also accepted that once Frost realised the deceased was dead, he panicked.

"And it was in that frame of mind he buried the body," he said.

"Having done so, he was bound to the story that the deceased had returned to Sydney and presumably to the Philippines.

"His deceit of the Family Court and his lies to his family are to be seen against that background."

Justice Barr sentenced Frost to six years in jail backdated to September 2006 with a non-parole period of three-and-a-half years. He is due for release in March 2010.

Frost half-choked his ex-wife on hearing her proposal to sell their youngest child into prostitution.

After he released his grip, he pushed her into a chair and left the house.

On his return, the woman had died from her injuries.

Frost then wrapped her in a sheet and buried her body in a trench dug some days prior. He later forged documents to start divorce proceedings and collect money from her accounts and property for his children.

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