This photo was taken only minutes before Joshua Le Bars drowned rescuing two family members.
This photo was taken only minutes before Joshua Le Bars drowned rescuing two family members.

True hero who gave his life


HE DIED a hero and now you can join our campaign to get young Joshua Le Bars a medal for his incredible act of bravery.

At only 24-years-old, the well-known Nimbin man died on a Gold Coat beach in April 2006, while rescuing his step-son and little sister when a sand bank collapsed.

He used his last breath to hurl them to shore. Joshua drowned, leaving an unimaginable hole in the Nimbin community.

The Northern Star has launched a campaign to get Joshua a posthumous bravery medal from the Australian government.

Lismore woman Nicole Kendall, one of our readers who recently wrote in to show support for the campaign, said a bravery medal would give Joshua's family an opportunity to express their feelings of gratitude.

"He is unable to receive the emotional and physical gratitude that his partner, family and friends would love to give him. Therefore what better way to let the nation recognise his sacrifice and selflessness then by awarding him with a medal," she said.

"The nation needs to be aware that there are still people out there willing to give up everything in order to save the life of someone they love.

"So should we give him the medal? The real question is, why not?"

After his death, the Queensland police told Joshua's father Paul they would nominate him for the medal.

An official response sent to The Northern Star from the police department last week stated that even though the investigation in to his death was over, there was no record of a nomination.

We are encouraging readers to write in with their support by emailing or writing to or to the Media Centre, Ballina Road, Goonellabah, 2480.

Please include 'Medal for Joshua' on the envelope or in the subject line. Letters will be collected over the coming weeks and sent to Canberra with a nomination form and articles.

They will be posted to the honours secretariat and the Australian Bravery Decorations Council will then consider it.

The council makes recommendations for awards to the Governor-General, who has the final say.

The recipients are announced twice a year, in April and August.

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