Threats of neighbour have Ballina residents calling for help

By PATRIZIA REIMER HE YELLS obscenities and threats in their quiet Ballina street, but neighbours are powerless to have the resident of a housing commission unit evicted any time soon.

Neighbours say they are at their wits' end after three months of trouble.

According to a neighbour who did not wish to be identified for fear of repercussions, the man has threatened to kill every one of the eight people who have called the police and NSW Housing to complain about him

The neighbour said he was so concerned he had shifted his young family to his parent's home.

"My kids were waking up at midnight petrified."

He approached The Northern Star for help because he hoped there was some way to have the man's eviction sped up.

A spokesperson for NSW Housing said he could not give details about the case due to privacy legislation.

But the matter was being looked into, he said.

"The department is fully aware of the difficulties being experienced at this address and is taking the appropriate action to address the situation, how-%ever the legal process involved takes several weeks," he said.

Richmond Local Area Command Duty Officer Inspector Scott Bingham said there was not a lot the police could do.

He said they could not fine a person following a noise complaint without giving a warning first.

"We've had calls since October and been there four times," he said.

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