Thieves break kids? hearts


JAKEB Binney celebrated his ninth birthday yesterday unable to ride the motocross bike he loves, after it was stolen for the second time in 18 months.

His Suzuki 80, as well as two Pee Wee 50 motorbikes used by his younger brothers, Nelson and Harry, were taken from his Chilcotts Grass home only a few days before his birthday.

Jakeb's father, Warwick Binney, said three helmets were also taken, one of which belonged to his sons' cousin who died in an accident two months ago.

Mr Binney said it was only in January last year that Jakeb's original bike, of the Pee Wee 50s, was stolen from inside their garage, but recovered two months later.

Late last night, Richmond Local Area Command duty officer Glenn Gilbert said two of the stolen bikes had been recovered but neither had been returned.

He said no-one had been charged over the theft but inquiries were continuing.

Mr Binney said being robbed twice from his home had left his family shaken.

"It leaves you vulnerable," he said.

"The biggest thing is knowing about the invasion of your privacy.

"It's disappointing when both of us work to do the right thing and give our kids opportunities and then people violate that."

Mr Binney said the helmet that belonged to his sons' cousin had sentimental value for each of his boys.

He said their 22-year-old cousin had loved riding motorbikes and often doubled the boys on the bigger bike before he died in a pedestrian accident.

The helmet was a gift from him.

"It was priceless," he said.

Mr Binney said the bikes and the helmets were kept in a shed locked with a chain and padlock, but thieves had pried open the doors enough to drag out the bikes.

"They've left the boots and riding gear, filled up with petrol and ridden the bikes out the front," he said.

He said it must have happened during the day while he and Fiona were at work.

"To me, they (the thieves) knew there were bikes in the neighbourhood, because you can hear them," he said.

"All the kids in the neighbourhood have bikes, it's their weekend fun.

"The kids would be devastated if they weren't recovered or replaced."

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