HOME BODY: Suzie Wyld relaxes at her partly renovated home near Mullumbimby.
HOME BODY: Suzie Wyld relaxes at her partly renovated home near Mullumbimby.

Suzie is just wild about hard workers


Mullum single mum gets the jobs done

WANTED: A few tonnes of rubble and a man, preferably with a bobcat, in exchange for good loving.

What does a woman do when she doesn't want a relationship but has trouble mowing the lawn on her own?

Mullumbimby single mother Suzie Wyld has come up with a commitment-free solution that leaves her physically satisfied and without a hole in her pocket.

The 43-year-old has spent the past month making national television and radio appearances after women's magazine Marie Claire dubbed her 'the real-life desperate housewife.'

Suzie placed an advertisement in the local adult classifieds in February asking for help around the house, but instead of a monetary payment she offered herself.

The plea resulted in hundreds of phone calls in the first week alone, with Suzie eventually choosing a dozen men to do everything from washing her windows to pruning trees.

She told her story to The Northern Star because she is in desperate need of rubble and building materials for a new garage, as well as someone to help with the construction.

"If I don't get some rubble soon I'll have to pay for it, and I don't want to do that because I'm committed to using recycled materials," she said.

"What I can offer in return is coffee, tea or me! GST is included ? it stands for a good sexy time."

The raunchy mum chooses her helpers after interviewing them in cafes.

Once a man gets the job, he visits her property during the day to carry out his duties, and then returns at night to receive his payment when her daughter is away.

Suzie said she considered the experiences as 'dates' rather than prostitution.

"What's wrong with prostitution is the middle man making money off women," she said.

"I meet the men first and there's a mutual acceptance of each other before it takes place.

"This is straightforward. Men don't like spending hours trying to chat up women in nightclubs."

However, even though Suzie is picky about her workers she said she had no interest in beginning relationships with them.

"My heart isn't in this project. I've been married before," she said.

"I have thought about the possibility of some of the men I meet being in relationships or married, but the men make their own choices. I'm not roping them into anything."

She said her new way of life had lost her one friend, but she had made many more since and was not planning on giving up in the near future.

"If you have $60 in your hand you can pay the lawnmower man or you can buy a new frock. It's not a hard choice," she said.

"Men love helping women. We've done too much emasculating of men in the past. They like to strut their stuff.

"We should all let them be more chivalrous and show us what they can do."

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