Stefanie Cselka
Stefanie Cselka

Sisters dominate the green

By Jamie Brown

HOW do you spot the young, up-and-coming women bowlers? Look for the bubble sunnies.

Amanda and Stefanie Cselka have been turning heads in recent months, both on and off the greens, but their prowess at lawn bowls has really made them stand out.

Daughters of Steve and Tania Cselka, Amanda, 16, and Stefanie, 13, have only been playing the game for 18 months, but already they have chalked up honours.

Last year Stefanie a left hander who knows how to use it to her advantage was awarded runner-up novice singles ladies champion within the Evans Head Bowling Club, and she placed runner up in the district junior pairs championships, playing with fellow Evans Head junior Aaron Teys.

To date she has amassed $90 in prize money, which only has her salivating for more competition.

Amanda, meanwhile, made it to the semi-finals of the district junior singles championships in 2006.

The pair has been invited to a coaching clinic at Lismore Workers Heights and may attend the academy of sport in Sydney next year.

The young sisters are pleased with their new sport, each now owning a special set of Taylor bowls.

Amanda's sports her own logo a profile of Winnie The Pooh with the bowl custom manufactured specially in Scotland.

Steve and Tania say the club has been incredibly generous with its time in coaching the girls.

Tania says the lady bowlers have encouraged the girls and made them feel welcome.

In particular, Steve mentioned the girls' coach Terry Sheen as well as all the club players who offered the girls their knowledge.

Those players include Ted Butler (Teddles), John Lang, Robin Montague, Rod Greentree, Peter Carey and 'others too numerous to mention'.

What's the best thing about lawn bowls? Fresh air, challenging competition and a terrific social atmosphere.

But for these girls there is another thrill associated with the sport: Having their bowl finish right next to the jack and it seems to be happening more frequently!

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