Simone memorial proposed

By Samantha Turnbull

A home-made corrugated iron heart sits above flowers and photos as the most rigid reminder of Simone Strobel's death in Lismore's Uralba Street.

The humble memorial built by the Lismore community was the inspiration for a motion Cr Ros Irwin will propose at next Tuesday's council meeting.

Cr Irwin will call for a permanent memorial to be built at the site and for the section of parkland next to Oakes Oval to be named after Simone.

"It's been a very significant thing to happen in Lismore, it's never happened before in the heart of the city that a visitor has been killed," she said.

"I also think the people in the community would like to see some recognition of her and it would be good for her family as well to know that she has been acknowledged and not forgotten."

Cr Irwin said she would like to see a heart incorporated in the memorial, but the council should consult with Simone's family about what would be an appropriate tribute.

More than a fortnight after the discovery of Simone's body, police yesterday still refused to reveal the cause of her death.

A spokeswoman from Sydney Police Media said they would not know whether Simone was murdered until they received toxicology results from her post-mortem examination.

It was unknown how long it would be before the results of the tests were known.

Since Simone's death, concerns have been raised by Lismore residents about the safety of the area in which her body was discovered.

However, most Lismore City councillors said yesterday that unless those fears were relayed to the council they could not do anything to improve the safety of the CBD.

Cr Frank Swientek said residents had the opportunity to express their concerns about unsafe areas of Lismore when the council's Crime Prevention Plan was on public display last year.

"We spend a reasonable amount of money on lighting and cameras, and if there are deficiencies in the system we need to address them in a holistic way," he said.

"Lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place and one has to be careful about how we respond to tragic events like this."

Cr Peter Graham agreed it would be inappropriate to hastily install lighting in the area where Simone's body was found as a quick-fix response to safety fears.

"Are we going to light up the whole of Lismore? Are we going to wrap everyone in cotton wool?" he said. "We've got a well-lit transit centre, our taxi stands are safer than they have ever been and I don't see why we need every street totally lit up.

"It's a sad thing that has happened, but how do you foresee that? We take responsibility for our own safety."

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