SIMONE STROBEL: Killed at Lismore
SIMONE STROBEL: Killed at Lismore



A HOMICIDE Squad detective has flown to Germany to confer with prosecutors over the mysterious death in Lismore of tourist Simone Strobel.

The 25-year-old's body was discovered in the Lismore CBD in February and police are still no closer to finding out what happened to her.

Det Wayne Hayes, who has been the main family contact for the Strobel family, is in Germany sharing intelligence with local authorities.

"We are working very closely together in this case, even though we are conducting parallel investigations," he said before his departure.

"We have some things they are very interested in seeing."

The death of the German kindergarten teacher soon after she set off alone for a late night walk from Lismore Tourist Caravan Park has entered local folklore.

In a move that surprised local police, German authorities have named Simone's boyfriend, Tobias Suckfuell, as a murder suspect and have interviewed him extensively.

German prosecutor Bardo Backert has accused Mr Suckfuell of lying to police and identified him as a suspect.

Manfred Schweidler, a reporter covering the story for German paper, the Wuerzburg Main Post, said Mr Suckfuell had recently told police he had nothing more to say to them and has refused any further interviews.

"They can search my apartment four more times but they won't find any new facts there," Mr Suckfuell is said to have told a friend.

As no charges have been laid, he is free to go about his business and has been frequently seen visiting Simone's parents, Gustav and Gabi Strobel, who continue to support him, Mr Schweidler said.

Simone's parents still have not been told the results of the post-mortem on their daughter and are not likely to be told because of their close connection with Mr Suckfuell.

Police say they do not wish to release information that may help Simone's killer or any person who claims responsibility for her death.

German police have claimed there are inconsistencies in Mr Suckfuell's story about what happened after Simone went missing.

This includes Mr Suckfuell and his other travelling companions ? sister Katrin and mutual friend, Jens Martin ? checking out of the caravan park, paying their bill and handing in their amenity block keys, before reporting that Simone was missing.

However, Nimbin resident Alex Charles, who let the travellers camp on his property, said Simone and Tobias were obviously in love and never fought.

"This is totally out of character as far as the person I knew," he said.

While Mr Suckfuell is the only person named by authorities as a suspect, Richmond Local Area Command crime manager, Detective Inspector Anne Langford, said has previously said he was one of many suspects.

She declined to comment on Mr Backert's reasons for naming Mr Suckfuell, but said the NSW police list of suspects included him and everyone else who had been in contact with Simone around the time she was killed.

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