Shake up at Lismores council


Council shake up Lismore's executive team pruned from five to three

IT'S getting even lonelier at the top for Paul O'Sullivan.

Following a senior management shake up at Lismore City Council, the general manager's top executive team has been trimmed from five to three positions.

Joining Mr O'Sullivan at the helm will be former manager special projects Lindsay Walker, who was appointed executive director of development and governance.

Mr Walker will be responsible for planning, environment, community services and economic development.

The third top spot, responsible for roads, parks, water and waste, is executive director infrastructure services. The post remains vacant, but is expected to be filled later this month.

Mr O'Sullivan said the new restructure was aimed at making council more efficient and effective.

"I was of the view, and councillors supported that view, the structure we had was a bit top heavy and this is an attempt to streamline it," he said.

"I believe it was over-managed."

Mr O'Sullivan said other reasons included the need to make better use of all council's resources.

"We had four groups which operated in isolation," he said.

"It was a bit of a problem so that's something this will reduce."

He acknowledged the changes meant implications for some individuals.

However, he said 'they understand the circumstances and accepted that council had an obligation to review the structure'.

The reshuffle has also hit further down the chain, with changes made to council's second level of management.

Two new positions have been created.

One is a corporate and community relations manager and the other is a new role of asset manager.

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